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What customers say

Tim - Amsterdam
"Besides the practicallity of the Wijnpaal, it is a nice designed object that boosts your interior. My friends and family always are very impressed by it."
Annalia - Netherlands
"Proud and happy that we got the WIjnpaal as a housewarming present from my parents and my sister. Very good experience!"
Monique - Volendam
"Very positive. Great support by Mike during both ordering the Wijnpaal as well as during the installation of it. Recommendation!"
Mariëlle - Netherlands
"The service of the Wjinpaal company was very quick and friendly. We are very happy with our mat black Wijnpaal in our living room."
Hiske - Blogger
"My coolest bottles are nicely ordered now with the Wijnpaal. It is an eyecatcher and also very practical since you can put 20 bottles in it."