Our story

We love wine and unique designed furniture. We always have some nice wines on stock for a dinner with friends or familiy, or just for a situation that asks for a good glass of wine. The available wine racks we did not like, so we developed our own. Unique, custom made but also practical. Our current wine racks are the Custom series, Industrial and Compact Six wine rack.

With the Wijnpaal winerack you make use of the available space by the maximum. Your lovely stock of wine will be visible on such a way that they will boost your house to the next level. You can place 20 bottles of wine into the Wijnpaal and almost every type of bottle fits into it.

ou can order your custom made Wijnpaal very easily by going to our Shop, measure the distance between your floor and ceiling, pick your color and you are good to go or choose the Wijnpaal Industrial or Compact Six wine rack.

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